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Breathe Healthily  with Prusha

Prusha ( Chinese name: ZHANG Shiying) , 13th generation successor of traditional Chen-style Taiji Martial Arts and winner of gold medal at the 2015 • China Jiaozuo International Taiji Competition. Received training from Wang Dazhao (Son- in- law of the Chen family, 12th-generation successor and Master of traditional Chen-style Taiji ). Practiced systematically for many years: step 1, and step 2 of empty-hand boxing and single broadsword weapons, singlestick, spring-autumn long broadsword, pear-flower-spear plus white-ape-cudgel. Coaches every summer at Cui Hua Taiji Martial Arts School, Kunshan (China), where she is regarded by students  as a top  trainer  owing to her rich experience and the many medals won by her trainees in international competitions.


Prusha is also a Yoga enthusiast. Beginning in 2012, she received 500 hours of certified yoga training at the Beijing Fine Yoga School. She has trained in Hatha, Astanga, Flow, Hot, Yin and Pranayama, Quiet Diet and Alignment Yoga, etc, and is equipped with solid professional skills and knowledge, in addition to  her ability to create a sense of well being to students in training.


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Outgoing, honest and friendly, Prusha is passionate about traditional Chinese culture and is qualified as an International Chinese Language Teacher accredited by IMCPI & Aldex. Prusha also has considerable knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient Chinese zither, tea ceremonies, and flower art.  She is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese and English and has some knowledge of Korean.


Prusha, now living in NSW, Australia, opens her arms to you for a healthier and happier life !


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