Traditional Therapy
@ Leura & Mollymook

Taiji & Traditional Chinese Medicine have a mutual and delicate connection - they both have to know the body's systems very well -& to keep the body's systems in a harmonious balance. This is called Yin & Yang harmony. In the past, almost all of the martial arts Masters were also qualified as Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. After a hard training session, they would help themselves or their students in order to relax the muscles and to help prevent soreness, as a normal part of practice.

Today Prusha uses this ancient wisdom to help you alleviate aches and pains and prevent health problems.

Strictly by Appointment only
Gift certificates available

Deep Relaxation Massage
$2 per minute with a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 100 minutes. 

Traditional Chinese Treatment
    " pay - as - you - feel "

may all beings live in peace with a smile
The journey of life is not always smooth, but if we can help each other on the way forward at least there will be some warmth.
We just want to help those who really need some care,
any strange requests will be rejected.
So please think carefully before booking.
Thanks for your understanding.